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With the filming season winding down for the first part of 2016, we took the opportunity to pour some extra love into the FTA IT infrastructure. What do the upgrades to our estate mean to our clients? Check out the list of benefits below:

  1. More digital storage space to keep client data.
  2. Faster copy times from client hard drives.
  3. Faster upload speeds to Amazon. (we are expecting to smash our current 1GB per second upload speeds out of the park!)
  4. Ability to perform multiple uploads / downloads and copy operations at a single time.
  5. Improved system resilience by ensuring we have all the correct boxes ticked encase of a failure.
We are excited for the next job to run over the new server build, which we know will knock the socks off of our current and future customers!

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On July 11, 2016

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