Why A Fixed Job Cost?

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File Transfer Africa is designed for huge volumes of data and the business model runs off very low margins.

Quite simply our attention to customer service, the number of man hours we commit to every job in personalized service and the cost of high speed fibre and hosting infrastructure, it just isn’t feasible to do a job for less than R2,500 per day.

R2,500 per day (capped at R5,000) may sound like a lot, but when broken down into our total committed man hours and sunk costs, over a multi-day job, where the client is uploading tiny amounts of data we end up in the situation where we run the upload at a loss.

This decision to introduce a fixed job cost is not intended to scare away our smaller clients, but rather to incentivise higher volumes of throughput and let File Transfer Africa run like the high speed, high volume, beast of a machine it was designed to be.

We’re confident that if we can push higher volumes of data on a regular basis we can further reduce our larger pricing bands.

We’re very open to suggestions on how we can improve our pricing models to fit into your budget so please feel free to drop us a line with your ideas on our contact form.

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On March 1, 2016

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